#entropía | poesía | Javier Sanguiao Paulo

Liberty 1048-1

Inside the iteration,

Step one thousand forty eigth one…

Rules apply, unknown stuff

Just jumping ahead to the next run.

Outcome of infinite possibilities,

Yet to be determined.


This poem is about liberty and free will. There are two important concepts in this post:

– One is the universal algorithm, a metaphor of the inner workings of our universe. We assume our universe to be a computational entity, operating a simple program that has gained extreme and vast complexity. It is iterating an algorithm of simple rules. And the poem refers to the actual state 1048-1. In this here-and-now moment there is what we are as a living conciousness, which is evolving through this process of iteration and every unit of time is a result of the outcome of multiple possibilites. The only way to experience our life in this flow of time is to continue our journey to the unknown.

– Our second concept, computational irreducibility, is what allows us to consider our free will. There is a set of simple rules operating yet the result of this rules cannot be predicted or anticipated, nor can it be short cut.  The windows of every iteration is by its nature unknown, we grow into an emergence of undetermined complexity, driven by the iteration of these simple rules.

So liberty in the state 1048-1 is a contradiction between the laws of the universe, which are deterministic, and the outcome of the iteration of these rules, which are unpredictable and for that matter wide open.

(Ferrol, Galicia).  
Licenciado en Filosofía por la Universitat de Barcelona.  
Intereses: Filosofía, Bitcoin, Zen, Biohacking, Transhumanismo, Inteligencia Artificial.
Ha creado espacios de divulgación científica y filosófica.  

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