Clouds / Some days

Por: Gerri Lopez (Jupiter TV)


We where floating on a dream

Full of colours perfumes and grateful sounds

But one day I saw the tears running down your face

I had to dig with al I had to find the door of

Your maze

I was afraid of the sand that was burying me

While I wasa crawling to arrive

To the sea

You smiled again but there was something I couldn‘t see

I dreamt again ona an oasis with a palm tree

You where holding me and I couldn’t swim

I was triying to think that I was calm

But I wanted you to push me

Into the water

My troat was dry

And my conscience was crumbling

Like a soft rock in the sky

When I found you, you where lost somwhere

I held you in my arms and you held me in yours

That was a place without space and time

We grew up together and now…

Now we walk apart thoward new paths

We where like and infinite ocean at once

Now we are clouds that just cant keep holding on

It is hard but we must be too strong

to see that this is the end of our song

Some days

Some days everything seems so wrong

Sometimes you just can’t move on

Some nights everything seems so dark

You’re just crawling to find one spark

Sometimes you can’t find any way out

Maybe the answer is written in the clouds

Somewhere there is an open door

Maybe is drawn in the sea shore

When you’re caught up in yourself

Just let it go away

Get out of that pit

the sun will rise again

Sometimes you can’t rise your head

You’re feeling like a living dead

Sometimes the cold is freezing your bones

While the rain is drowning your moans

Some nights under the shadow of time

there is a mountain that can’t be climbed

Somewhere inside of your mind

There is the light that you’re trying to find

Take off the barbed wire

And stop those tanks in your brain

Don’t add fuel to the fire

The sun will rise again

One day you’ll get up on your feet

Following the rhythm of your heartbeat

At sometime you’ll feel the breeze

that will come to bring your release

One night clear as blaze

You’ll see there’s nothing to chase

Everywhere out of the fight

There is a beaming light

There’s no need to do anything

Just leave to play that game

Everything is not as it seems

The sun will rise again

The sun will rise again

To bring a clear day

The sun will shine again

The sun will rise again

The sun will shine again.

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